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"I love it here! Everything! The staff is so nice and really authentic. The school facilities, the atmosphere, the view is great, and the methods and materials you use and how things are explained... Thank you so much, it couldn’t have been better.”
Diane P., Germany

“I chose BSL because of the great location, very close to Manhattan, and the size of he school, it’s a familiar atmosphere. And I confirm I made a good choice!”
Ian O., France

“Free coffee, amazing view, internet access, clean classrooms... What else could I ask for?! I always expect too much from things and people. And I expected a lot from the school. And the thing is, I even got much more than I was expecting! This is definitely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.”
Stephanie B., France

"I really like the humnan side my teacher brings to the class. It allows us to learn from each other and from our cultural differences and simliarities.”
Chloe L.-A., Canada

“The activity program is really good! And they give you all the tips for the weekend, events, activities, places to visit.”
Stephan B., Switzerland

“My host family has been so nice! I really feel well treated and they have been very caring and attentive when needed."
Ellen J., Sweden

“My teacher is funny, intelligent and well prepared. I really like the topics in class, just what I needed.”
Sofie O., Dutch

“My host mum was welcoming and attentive. We spoke a lot at dinner, they always asked how my day was. The food was varied and healthy.”
Chloe G., French

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